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Art Overview

The Art

What am I looking for?

When I am making my art I am not really looking to capture a certain theme per say as much as I am trying to capture a mood or feeling that is in my head at the time, sometimes I try to capture a vibe in one of my social communities that I participate in and manage.

Is it just moods?

No, it's not always moods or vibes sometimes it's something else entirely. "I had this cool idea and now I need to try to make it or draft it!" This is my process when I'm making something like a wallpaper for my phone and animating it, sometimes it's just for practice to see what I can do and what I cannot do.

Wallpapers and practice?

I like to have certain wallpapers on my phone that move or nice wallpapers on my computer since I use the both of them so much so it's only right I can look at something I like each time I'm on. I'm always trying to improve my skills as an artist though so I like to make my own imagery and animations that I can use instead of ones that already exist. I feel like it helps me capture my own creativity in a way as well and reflect upon on it.

Animated Logo


Website Creation

I happen to be lucky enough to have friends all over the world and it makes me feel blessed especially because they let me work and draft ideas for their websites at times in photoshop.

The process

One of the things I like to do is ask them what they are looking for and then I try to make that idea they have a reality in photoshop. It would be a pain if coded a whole site got it working and then decided you don't like how it looks, so I take it upon myself to make a draft in photoshop and explain all the functions that I think would be neat. Sometimes the draft might be perfect sometimes only a few things are taken from the draft but I like to think it helps.

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