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Why This one?

The point?

This Shikon no tama jewel is from a cartoon I watched as a kid, the show inspired me all the time and really helped with my current sense of creativity and what I classify as art. I tried to incorporate some of the latter elements of that show into this one and more then that months of my time to make sure it was perfect.

What does it mean?

This is one of the first "bigger" projects that I did, I did things before this one but I think this one has a special spot for me as "the one that really helped my sense of creativity" I wanted to make sure I had multiple elements down when I was making this one. I used various forms of blur techniques and other blending effects to make sure it looked like a jewel with a universe trapped inside of it.

Time and effort

I said it previously, but I will say it again, I poured months into this one. Out of all the things I have made I think this one has taken me the absolute longest and even then I feel that in a year or two I might revisit the project and try to add new things to it or make a new one altogether to see what I have learned. The image inculpates a small portion of every style I really use today: multitude of blending options, multiple blur effects, winding, my own creative styles, etc.

What show?

I'll keep this part brief the show that the concept of the jewel came from and inspired a magnitude of my art was called Inuyasha.

Animated Jewel breaking

The Jewel

Giant Jewel

A closer look

Inside the Jewel I tried to give it a spacey effect. I wanted it to capture that same effect from the ending of the show where it was like a whole other universe almost was inside the Jewel. and I wanted to add the effect of the purple Jewel "clouded" with the malice that it had absorbed throughout the series. I think all in all I captured the effect and appearance I was desperately looking for.